Our Concierge Service


With Heart and Head

We Are There For You


At b.organic, we believe in providing the highest level of service to our customers. Whether you have questions about our ingredients or our philosophy, we are happy to make time for you.


You Stay Informed

Because we use cold-pressed organic oils to make our products, the production runs are small and made by hand. This means that there can always be waiting times before the product ordered by our customers is delivered. For this reason, we have installed a waiting list in the online shop. So in the background we know exactly when our customers will receive the product they ordered. And you will be kept up to date and informed by our team.


Wishes, Questions & Suggestions

We are also happy to receive any feedback from our customers. By phone or by e-mail. We are grateful for suggestions of any kind; wishes and ideas about what we can do better. In this way, we can continue to develop with every feedback from our customers.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions, e.g. tips on application, ingredients, origin, etc. I am happy to be there for you:

E-mail: consierge@b-organic.shop

service-phone: +43 664 35 22 881

Many thanks in advance

Yours, Barbara Hubmann