The foundation for the development of the b.organic brand was actually laid some 45 years ago.

Barbara Hubmann


Love of

Barbara Hubmann grew up in a large family where the love of nature and passion for crafts was exemplified by her parents. Her mother, Romana, a passionate cook, values high-quality food and uses nature’s medicinal plants. She mixes teas and prepares tinctures from various plants. And her father, Rudolf, also loves nature and crafts. The parents live out their joy of experimentation, according to the motto “trial and error”. Barbara Hubmann still works with her mother’s recipe book today.

The First
100% Organic

With the birth of her first child, she began to make the first macerates with the herbs from the garden and the herbs collected from the edge of the forest. St. John’s wort oil, camomile oil, and much more. Her homemade oils became better and better, more and more refined. Barbara uses only cold-pressed, high-quality oils. It goes without saying that the ingredients come from controlled organic cultivation.

In spring 2012, she was looking for a high-quality face oil. As she couldn’t find anything 100 % organic, of high quality, she bought several high quality cold pressed and essential organic oils. As her homemade facial oil felt good, Barbara made several of them and gave away her facial oil mixture to her large family circle, her friends, and to acquaintances. She received a lot of positive feedback like “my crow’s feet are fading, the skin feels so smooth, please make me your great face oil again” and Barbara Hubmann heard much more, and more and more often.

In the years that followed, Barbara Hubmann made her face oil again and again. Finally, in May 2020, during the first pandemic months, also with the knowledge of how families with children were faring during the lockdowns; when asked if she could make the effective face oil again, she intuitively answered from the gut: “Now is my time. And I’m developing my brand of purely organic body oils.”

Barbara developed. She knew exactly what she wanted: 100 % organic cold-pressed and essential organic oils with the highest efficacy, produced in small batches, the appreciation of craft, sustainable business, and close cooperation with women and partners in Carinthia. In the meantime, two years of development have passed. But enough of the many words. Together with very precious people, she worked with great passion and feeling for their dream. All the companions are now very happy about what they have created: The brand, b.organic.